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    Sustainability | Innovation | Transparency | Diversity | Equal Opportunities



    We operate our business ethically.
    Sound ethics is good business. We hold ourselves and conduct our business to high standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity. We are individually accountable and collectively responsible.

    We grow our business profitably.
    We work to provide sustained profitable growth for our shareholders. This requires a continuous focus on our customers and the health of our system.

    We strive continually to improve.
    We are a learning organization that aims to anticipate and respond to changing customer, employee and system needs through constant evolution and innovation.

    We improve HR Skills Base.
    We employ people based on their skill sets and their ability to develop their skills to the changing Telecom Industry. Afro-Egypt continuously trains its staff for improving the performance and meeting customer requirements.

    We develop localization system to have local resources wherever we operate.
    This helps for skills and "know-how" transfer to local employed staff.