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Afro provides IT solutions to meet private-sector demand, centering on retail/services, while launching new services to help create new value for customers. We intend to accelerate development in retail distribution infrastructure in particular,

Offering include
Unified Communication solutions
1. IP Telephony
2. Video Conference
a. Immersive Video collaboration
b. Room Based Video Collaboration
c. Personal Video Systems
d. Endpoints
3. Contact Centers
A contact center is an increasingly important tool for enterprises to provide users with convenient and comprehensive customer service and marketing services. The next-generation contact center transforms traditional customer service centers into full-service contact centers drawing increased profits from VASs and precision marketing services.
Networking Solutions
Afro provides a complete networking portfolio comprising all infrastructure aspects to build up LAN/MAN and WAN network topology. The solutions provided are cabling infrastructure, LAN/MAN switching solutions wireless coverage and WAN.

1. Routers
2. Switches
4. Security Systems

Cloud computing & Data Center Solutions
Whether you are building a public or a private cloud and running it internally or externally, Afro and delivery partners can help with proven expertise for a no disruptive, safe journey to a truly dynamic. Solution include the following

a. Data Center Transformation
b. Infrastructure Virtualizations
c. Converged Infrastructure
d. Cloud Computing
e. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
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High Capacity Links Technical Support project Shell), Nigeria 2013-07-01
Extensive rail network system stretching and links with contiguous railways. (NRZ), Zimbabwe 2013-05-01