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Afro Professional Services acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of services like HR Outsourcing, Recruitment, Consulting, and Training. We have a dedicated team of professionals join hands in offering top range of services. The organization´s objective is to help businesses with our dedicative service with our client´s satisfaction
Offering include
Human Resources Sourcing
1. Human Resource Development

a. Technical Training
Afro Competencies range of inter-company training packages runs from one-day sessions to full professionalization. Courses therefore open up opportunities for Trainees to board new skillsets through the combination of a training program with shared inquiry, field experience and learning.

b. Custom Workshops
Industry sectors are often in need of highly specific technical training for employees, but individual companies may be too small to accommodate training on their own. Afro can arrange customized training for Managerial & Staff level.

c. On-Job Training (OJT)
Afro Experts join customer teams for certain duration according to staff knowledge and experience to ensure that the staff can handle the task independently
2. Human Resources Outsourcing

Whatever is the size of your organization or whether you have an in-house Human Resources Function or not; Afro HR outsourcing Services can be a cost effective alternative for your business. By outsourcing your Human Resources function not only does this insure a smooth operations but it can also mean less risk for you.

In order to provide outsourcing clients with the highest quality of service, Afro has a highly skilled Personnel Department, a Legal Affairs Department as well as Payroll Specialists.
Management Advisory
1. Project Management
Afro has a wide range of Certified Project Managers can be manage the whole project in certain time We seek candidates who fit with our values, operating style and commitment to accountability to our clients.
2. Technical Consulting
Afro has a wide range of Radio Network Planning & Optimization consultants can Collect data, analyze and output recommendation to enhance the network KPIs
Success stories




On-Job and Technical Training, Custom Workshops Celtel Kenya Ltd Jul 2008
Resource Provider (Supervision Service) (NRZ), Zimbabwe May 2009
ARP (Authorized Resource Provider) Ericsson RSSA Aug 2010
O&M, TI Supervision, Planning and Audit Projects Zain Malawi Since Sep 2010
Resource Hiring Supplier NSN NY Since Aug 2011
Resource Provider (Supervision Service) Huawei EGY Oct 2011 -to- Mar 2013
ARP (Authorized Resource Provider) Ericsson EGY Oct 2011 -to- Mar 2013
Etisalat EOT (Establish-Operate-Transfer) FM Assistance Service (EtisalatMisr 3 Years Managed Service Project) Managed Service Project) Huawei EGY Jun 2013 -to- Dec 2015