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Afro core value based on installation of telecom equipment required for network implementation to telecom carriers, along with network control platform systems and operating services.

Offering include
Network Roll-out Services

• Solutions Design, Planning and Initial Tuning Services
• Site Survey (new site, swapping site …).
• Installing, Commissioning, and Testing Services (BTS/Node-B cabinet, power system, antennas, feeders, MW antennas& all the accessories).
• Expansions, Swaps & Cutovers
Network Managed Service
1. Network Operation and Maintenance
- include on-site preventive, corrective and scheduled Maintenance management covering the base station equipment, telecom equipment, transmission and outsources equipment in addition to all site facilities and environment

2. NOC Services
- 24/7 network operation management through integrated professional process, technical expertise and automatic visible multi-vendor toolkit, ensuring secured and stabilized operation and network quality.

3. Network Optimization ,growth / upgrade
- As subscribers increase and move about, the network needs constant tweaking to keep it performing optimally. Daily operational optimization ensures your network is always performing at its peak by identifying sites with faults for rectification, targeting the worst performing elements for improvement and identifying upgrades in traffic growth areas

Success stories




SLA for O&M Transmission Networks Airtel Zambia, and Zamtel Since 2006
SLA for O&M Transmission Networks Comoros Telecom 2010
SLA for O&M Transmission Networks Safaricom Kenya Since 2007
FLM Site Support Engineers based in the major cities Airtel Malawi Since 2007
FLM Airtel Malawi Since Mar 2013
Mobinil (2G Swap Project), EtisalatMisr(Phase1&2&3&4 Sites Rectification Project, Phase 5&6 NEC Swap Projects, Phase7&8&9 Projects, 3G Expansion Project), Vodafone (New Sites, BEP1.0 Swap Project, IP MW Phase1&2 Projects), Egypt Ministry Of Defense (CDMA Phase1&2&3 Projects) Huawei EGY Since 2009