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Logistic Services

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Afro develop this service to enhance the Roll out Delivery , Afro has a very qualified staff can do the complete logistic services
Offering include

1. Inspection and Quality Assurance
2. Material Packing and Handling
3. Supply Sourcing
4. Delivery and Transportation
5. inventory Management
6. Storage and Warehousing
Success stories




Material Packing and Handling, Delivery and Transportation, Storage and Warehousing All Customers Since 2004
Inspection and Quality Assurance, Inventory Management NEC SSA Since 2004
Supply Sourcing: Roxtec Modules, DC-Boxes, DC/AC C.B's, Cable Trays/Ladders, simple Cabinets, Antenna Supports (Mounts), Earth Bars/Cables, Power Cables, Tie Wraps, Outdoor Labels, BNC's, Ducts, Lugs…etc. All Customers Since 2006